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About Us

Blue Circle Rehab and Nursing, formerly known as Garrison Care, has been around for several years. Ask any of the locals, and you’ll get a warm, friendly response to the mention of our name. From our residents to our neighbors to our medical partners – we are unanimously applauded for our local suburban setting, our wonderfully compassionate staff, and our clean, family-friendly facility.

By keeping a particular focus on short-term rehab residents, we are dedicated to fostering patient independence. That entails more than simply providing exceptional care and an extensive roster of stimulating activities; for us, rehabilitation means rebuilding our residents’ self-dependence and returning them to a life of health and freedom. Start your journey here, and you’ll soon be out of the woods and back on your feet.

Blue Circle is now a privately owned facility, and we continue aiming at its never-stop improvements. For one, we strive to free up our program menus as much as possible to always offer the most home-like experience. In addition, we’re now completing a sweeping upgrade to the premises, amenities, and activities. Blue Circle will continue introducing improvements that are in line with our core philosophy and your ambitions. 


We are a 90 bed facility Conveniently located in central St. Louis near Saint Louis University hospital (SLU), Barnes Jewish Hospital, and John Cochran VA hospital

"This place is my home and

the staff are like my family"

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     Our Mission

Blue Circle is here to create a home where patients, employees and community form relationships that individuality, personal integrity and service to each other.

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And More

We offer private rooms that offer PT, OT, and Speech therapy.

Our long-term care unit has both private and semi-private rooms.

Our dedicated and highly skilled therapists can meet the needs of your loved ones and are secure in our building with pin-pad entry on the entrances and exits.

We offer genuine 24/7 admissions and understand that not every family can come to see us during the typical 8:00 am -4:30 pm business hours. Our admissions professionals are available before and after hours, weekends, and most holidays to meet and sign their loved ones into our facility. We understand that life is not predictable, and we are ready to assist whenever the need may occur.


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The Big Picture 

At Blue Circle Rehab and Nursing, we offer a full spectrum of long term care for our mix age population.  Everyday our staff are dedicated to providing the personal attention, happiness, and care needed to support each resident's health and happiness. 

We offer a wide range of services including skilled care, short term rehabilitation, respite, and hospice services. Our rehabilitation programs are one of the best. We offer occupational therapy that assists individuals to recapture the ability to perform basic functions of daily living such as eating, dressing, and bathing. Physical therapy assists with restoring joint motion, muscle strength, coordination and endurance. Speech therapy assists individuals in the area of speech language skills, swallowing, memory and cognition who have suffered brain trauma, such as a stroke.

Our activity department encourages each resident to participate on their own terms and abilities. The activities are designed to stimulate the mind, and promote physical, cognitive, and emotional health. The group activities are planned to enhance self-respect and provide self-expression and the freedom of choice.

We also offer specialized wound care, podiatry, dental, audiology, ophthalmology, and psychiatric services to our residents as ordered and based on financial eligibility.

All our staff are oriented upon hire on trauma informed care; therefore they are knowledgeable of the long-term effects of adverse childhood and adulthood experiences such as abuse, PTSD, and neglect. The need to address trauma is a very important component of the facility to ensure effective service delivery to our residents; especially our Veterans.

The facility excels because we have the motivation of wanting to be the best. We want families to be involved with the decision making, and understand their loved one's medical care. We want to set true expectations and follow through. We have a program that was recently implemented that will assist us in achieving this goal. The program is called "Caring Partner Program". 
It's a customer service program that was developed and utilized at other facilities resulting in a high success rate. It is designed to provide regular contacts from a facility representative, to help build a trusting relationship with the resident/ responsible party. This program is to assist the resident/RP in answering questions and/or resolving concerns. This program has been very successful in the past with decreasing residents’ concerns, complaint surveys, etc.


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Striving to make big strides in the recovery process.

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Long Term Care


Creating the perfect home for both, durability and comfort.

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Specializing and caring for every individual. 


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